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~ Burns - First Aid ~

* Safety Training #01 *

First Aid for Burns

Just the thought of being a burn victim is most unpleasant, most workers realize that there are many opportunities for burn injuries to occur every day. Your job can bring you into contact with hot surfaces, flammable liquids, gasoline motors, torches, welding equipment, portable heaters, chemicals, electricity, and the sun and wind, all of which can cause burns. All burns are painful and the danger of infection must be addressed. Most burns require professional medical attention.

First Degree Burns - affect the outer layer of skin such as sunburn or contact with a hot object. The skin will be red and sore. First aid treatment: apply cold water to the burned area or submerge the area in cold water. Apply a sterile dressing.

Second Degree Burns - affect the entire outer layer of skin and may penetrate deeper. The skin usually blisters. These burns are caused by a bad sunburn, contact with hot liquids, or burns from gasoline for example. First aid treatment: apply cold water as you would for a first degree burn, or use a cold pack, or cover the burn with a cold, wet dressing. Don't break blisters or use ointments, antiseptics, etc. Seek professional medical help.

Third Degree Burns - penetrate both layers of skin and are very serious! Contact with flames, burning clothing, or electricity can cause third degree burns. First aid treatment: if clothing is on fire, drop and roll the victim to extinguish the flames, cover burn area with a sterile dressing, never use cold water, ointments, antiseptics, etc. Get medical help at once!

Here are a few tips to prevent burn accidents:

Burns Occur off the Job, Too.
Keep Children Away from Matches, Portable Heaters, Ranges and Fireplaces.
Store Flammables and Combustibles Properly.

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