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~ Aggressive Driving ~

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Aggressive Drivers Cause Crashes

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, highway crashes continued as the leading cause of on-the-job fatalities during 1999, accounting for one-fourth of the fatal work injury total. The Department of Transportation estimates that aggressive driving causes two-thirds of traffic accidents. Of the187 million drivers in the U.S., 53 percent clearly expressed anger to another driver at least twice a year. If you have employees who spend time behind the wheel, they may be at risk of becoming an aggressive driver, or a victim of one.


Congestion is a leading cause of aggressive driving. Clogged highways, tight schedules, and no way out of a jam can turn mere irritation into physical violence. Some common behaviors of other drivers that may elicit anger in an aggressive driver include the following:

Some solutions

You and your driving employees can avoid becoming a victim of an aggressive driver by following a few tips:

Some employers have driving policies for their employees whose job involves driving. Some may include provisions for aggressive driving. A simple quiz may help those employees determine if they are aggressive drivers:

Answer the following questions with Never, Sometimes, Often, or Always.

Do you get angry…

Do you get impatient…

Do you often...

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