Human Resources

The Enormous Growth in Employment Regulation and Litigation Imposes Increasingly Greater Responsibilities on Human Resources Professionals.

The substantial liabilities to which employers are exposed compel personnel managers to constantly review their policies and practices to assure compliance with ever changing standards. 

To assist employers in meeting these challenges, Pacific Employers offers a full range of counseling and educational services including: 

Drafting and reviewing employee handbooks, personnel policies, employment applications, and employment contracts. 

Training supervisors and human resources personnel in all areas of employment relations, including hiring, discipline, and termination practices, personnel issues, contract administration, and the investigation and prevention of sexual harassment and other forms of employment discrimination.

Providing the Two Hour Sexual Harassment training required for Managers and Supervisors. 

Advising employers in the adoption of drug and alcohol testing policies that comply with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. 

Advising employers in the handling of issues involving employee privacy rights. 

Contact Pacific Employers to find out how our staff can help you review your policies and practices to assure compliance and maintain responsible control over your firm.