Safety Video Library

These safety videos average about five (5) minutes long and 
were narrated by Claude Akins, of “Sheriff Lobo” fame.

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They offer an easy, economical, and interesting way to present a safety meeting in the work place.

Safety Video Numbers:

001 Where Are Your Hands? – Outlines “dos” & “don’ts” of hand safety.
002 Slippin’ & Trippin’ – Injuries from slips and falls are the second highest worker’s compensation claim in the United States. This video tells workers how to watch their step.
003 Know Your Abc’s – Fire Extinguishers – This video examines the different types of fire extinguishers and their use and maintenance.
004 Eye Injuries – Depicts injuries that can occur when proper eye protection is ignored.
005 Up In Smoke – Common mistakes and proper handling of flammable liquids.
006 Ladder Safety – Guidelines for safe ladder use.
007 Good Driving Is an Attitude – Reminds us that good driving begins with a good attitude.
009 Haz Com – An Overview – Proper labeling and Material Safety Data Sheets.
010 Stop the Bleeding – Outlines procedures for dealing with severe bleeding.
012 The Signal – When working around cranes, knowing the proper way to direct them is essential. This video reviews the most widely used international hand signals for directing cranes.
013 Good Safety Is Good Business – Illustrates the importance of safety to your bottom line. This video illustrates that good safety practices can be instrumental to a company’s success.
014 Tractor – Loader – Backhoe – Safety procedures.
015 Electrical Burns – Safety procedures and first-aid for electrical burns.
016 Watch Your Load – The dangers of unrestrained cargo inside a vehicle.
017 Shock Hazards – Power Tools – Takes a look at a few simple ways to prevent electrical shock from power tools.
018 A Welcome Interruption – GFCI – Properly used, a ground fault circuit interrupter can prevent electrical shock. This video explains the basic function and use of a GFCI.
019 Worker’s Enemy #1 – Explains how to avoid back injury.
020 Self-Help for Back Pain – Focuses on preventing back injuries and offers a few simple exercises for relieving back pain.
021 Star Witness – Accident Reporting -this video reminds workers that observing the details of an accident and accurately reporting them can save lives and help find the reasons for an accident.
023 Hearing the Good Things in Life – Humorously points out that wearing proper hearing protection is “sound” advice.
024 Beating a Blowout – What to do when a blowout occurs.
026 Housekeeping – General Work Space – Clutter in the workplace can often get in the way of safety. This video stresses the importance of an orderly work area for keeping hazards at a minimum.
027 Hard Hats, Hard Heads – Hard hats can prevent many disabling injuries. This video emphasizes the importance of wearing hard hats and proper first aid treatment for head injuries.
028 Personal Work Space – Although most tend to think of offices as safe places, they often hold potential dangers. This video outlines effective ways to prevent accidents at the office.
029 Charging up on Battery Safety – Automobile batteries present more dangers than most believe. This video examines battery hazards and safe maintenance procedures.
030 Chemical Burns – Covers basics of treating chemical burns.
031 Heat Can Kill – Describes the symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion & outlines proper first aid for each.
032 A Foot Closer to Safety – A worker’s feet are two of his most important tools. This video illustrates the necessity of proper foot protection and basic safety shoe types.
033 Battling Fatigue – Various types of fatigue and how to overcome it.
034 Handling Gas Cylinders – The dangers of these “Gas Torpedoes.”
035 Slag Injuries to the Eye – Reminds of the need for proper eye protection.
036 Fighting the Strain – Ergonomics – Ergonomics can be used effectively to combat strain and fatigue. This video explains how to use ergonomics in creating a more pleasant and productive workplace.
037 Dreams into Nightmares – Effects an accident can have on your Company and its employees.
038 To Hear the Birds Sing – Proper usage and maintenance of respirators.
039 Judge, Jury, & Executioner – Illustrates the importance of keeping safety in mind at all times.
040 CPR – Illustrates the life-saving abilities of CPR. Does not attempt to teach CPR.
042 Handling the Heat – How to recognize heat stress & offers remedies.
045 Murder on Your Hands – Parodies a 1940’s-era detective movie to emphasize the need for proper hand protection.
046 Have a Chair – An office chair can be responsible for all sorts of aches and pains. This video explains how to reduce back strain through proper chair use.
047 On Any Given Day – Accidents can happen at any time. Shows some statistics and benefits of regular safety meetings.
049 Safety Is Your Responsibility – Illustrates the importance of keeping safety in mind while on the job & keeping personal matters at home.
050 Watch Your Back – Humorously illustrates the five steps to proper lifting.
052 No More Mr. Mean Screen – The ergonomics of working with computers.
054 Protecting Against Aids in the Work Place – Suggests a few ways to safely administer first aid to a bleeding victim.
057 Scaffolding Safety – Illustrates proper safety procedures for working on scaffolds.
059 A Shocking Experience – Proper safety precautions when working with electricity.
060 Chains and Safety – The dangers of chains are often ignored until someone gets hurt. This video describes proper chain safety and maintenance, and cites helpful hints for avoiding accidents.
061 Just a Little Nip – Nearly half of all industrial accidents involve substance abuse. This video looks at alcohol abuse in the work place.
062 Repetitive Strain Injuries – Demonstrates a few ways to prevent these injuries.
063 Tag, You’re it – Stresses the need for Lock Out/Tag Out.
066 Forklift Safety – Provides a checklist to ensure forklift safety.
069 Once Too Many – When entering a confined space, a few basic safety procedures will ensure a healthy exit. This video outlines the rules for entering a confined space.
071 The First Few Minutes – When an office fire strikes, every second counts. This video emphasizes the importance of proper planning and knowledge of safety procedures.
072 A Shock to the System – Outlines the symptoms of shock and reviews the proper treatment.
074 Fueling a Machine – Refueling a machine can be dangerous.
075 A Matter of Degree I – A welding torch can be one of the most dangerous tools on any job site. This video outlines proper precautions to take when using a welding torch.
079 Stress in the Work Place – Discusses the causes of stress and lists ways to deal with its effects.
080 Falls – Causes of falls & how they can be avoided.
081 A Lift to Safety – Although important on many job sites, personnel lift baskets can be extremely dangerous. This video reviews proper procedures for a safe lift.
086 Destination Safety 1 – A safe workplace begins with safety-conscious employees. In this video, gumshoe detective Joe Entrencher solves a case of increased accidents at the Acme Companies.
088 Danger: Hazardous Duty – Hapless Hal learns about the danger of loading docks & warehouses.
090 A Matter of Degree II – Welding torch safety is an all-consuming process. This video outlines proper procedures for the safe assembly, operation and storage of welding torch heads.
009-1 Haz-Com, What Is It? – Chemical hazards, preventive measures and OSHA requirements.
009-2 Haz-Com MSDS – An overview of OSHA requirements for material safety data sheets (MSDS).
009-3 Haz-Com Labels – Warning labels, warning signs and OSHA requirements.
095 Buckle up for Safety – Reinforces that seat belts save lives.
103 Trenching Safety Part I – Basic guidelines to follow to ensure a safe trenching job.
104 Destination Safety II – Part 2 of Destination Safety explains that safety is a state of mind and emphasizes safety at home as well as on the job.
110 Change of Habit – Stan & Oliver show how to take care of chemical & waste spills.
112 The Safety Mentor – Explains safety “mentoring” and offers tips on how it can be used in the work place to prevent accidents.
114 Lead in Paint Can Be Deadly – Lead in paint is an often unrecognized danger to adults and young children. This video outlines procedures for safely removing lead paint.
117 Flash Burns – Flashburn to the eye can result when ultraviolet rays emitted by an arc welder are absorbed into the eye’s cornea. This video introduces workers to the damaging effects of flashburn and prevention methods.
118 Just Say No to Day Glo – What glows in the dark and wears a hard hat? The worker who doesn’t know to store hazardous materials!
120 Driving Defensively I – Offers safety principles which can protect us in our daily routine of driving.
121 Just Horsing Around – Joking around on the job is no laughing matter, as this video shows.
124 Machine Safety Guards – Machine guards protect the worker from dangerous moving machine parts. This video explains how machine guards work and offers safety tips in mind.
125 All Washed up – A secondary line of defense of protection in the work place is emergency showers and eye-wash units. This video teaches workers how and when to use them.
128 Pumping Air – Air-powered tools makes a job easier; But as this video shows, they can also be dangerous if not handled with care.
129 Barricade Safety – The Forbidden Zone – Serious injuries can be avoided when barricades are properly observed. This video offers tips on barricade safety, off and on the job.
130 -152
The Following Are Available in Spanish:
004(S) Eye Injuries – Depicts injuries that can occur when proper eye protection is ignored.
006(S) Ladder Safety – Guidelines for safe ladder use.
007(S) Good Driving Is an Attitude – Reminds us that good driving begins with a good attitude.
010(S) Stop the Bleeding – Quick procedures for dealing with severe bleeding.
013(S) Good Safety Is Good Business – Illustrates the importance of safety to your bottom line.
014(S) Tractor – Loader – Backhoe – Safety procedures.
031(S) Heat Can Kill – Describes the symptoms of heat stroke and heat exhaustion & outlines proper first aid for each.
* Safety Videos Provide Quick Tips *