Policy Development

The regulations besieging your organization’s employment and labor practices have been increasing in number and becoming more complicated every year, and the trend toward more regulation is expected to continue. In this environment, the potential to incur costly labor relations problems is growing, too. Pacific Employers can work with you to develop employment policies and procedures that help prevent problems before they occur. 

Pacific Employers offers a full range of counseling and education services. Our “preventive measures” include: 

  • Creating, reviewing, drafting and updating employee handbooks, employment applications and employment agreements.
  • Developing policies addressing critical workplace issues such as sexual harassment, employment discrimination, workplace violence, drug and alcohol abuse, DOT mandated drug and alcohol programs as well as California’s required SB 198 Illness & Injury Prevention Programs. 
  • Advising employers on how to enhance applicant selection procedures and conduct lawful background investigations.
  • Designing and implementing Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs.
  • Providing on-site seminars and workshops for supervisors and human resource personnel in areas such as conducting discrimination and harassment investigations, handling terminations, and minimizing the risks of employment-related disputes.
  • Conducting employment, safety and labor relations audits to verify compliance with applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Developing, evaluating, and structuring employment law training programs ranging from legally required training to the fundamentals of prevention.

Contact Pacific Employers to find out how our staff can help you implement the lawfully required and managerially prudent policies that will maintain responsible control over your firm.