Construction Industry Guidance

Prevailing Wage regulations

Pacific Employers keeps track of the current determinations as well as the method of comprehending the State’s rules on application. Contact us to see what the rates are for your job and how to present it on the certified payroll.

Apprenticeship requirements

Notice requirements have been made more complicated to present more hurdles for the contractor during prevailing wage jobs. Pacific Employers can help you understand those rules as well as complying with the notice, JATC request and the payment of the training rates to the right agency.

Construction Wage & Hour Law

Rules for construction are different than for any other industry in California. Pacific Employers knows the difference and can advise you on the variations.

Davis Bacon Benefit Programs

Public Works construction requires contractors to pay specified wages and benefits. Substantial money can be saved by establishing a benefit program where all benefits are put in an untaxed fund for the company’s use in purchasing benefits.