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Stay relevant on the latest labor policies through Unlimited Phone Consultation, Online Resources, All-in-1 Labor Posters & much more.

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Toll free telephone consultation access on all labor relation & safety matters.

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Free Consultation

Get unlimited over the phone consultation on all labor relations & safety matters

All-in-1 Labor Posters

You will get All-in-one Labor posters that your business needs to display written in both English and Spanish

News & Alerts

Stay current with our management alert emails on labor news & the quarterly "MANAGEMENT ADVISOR" newsletter

Applications & Forms

Get personalized employment applications and forms that get your company on the right track

Online Resources

Coming Soon. Receive access to our library digital documents housed on the website.

Facebook Page

The Pacific Employer's Facebook page serves as a dynamic community for our members to get new information

Online Courses

Coming Soon. Receive access to our online courses and videos hosted on the site.

Seminars & Workshops

Get special admittance to specialized Seminars and Workshop programs designed to help your organization

Membership Discounts

You will get discounts on our other various services, like employee handbooks, trainings, and more...

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