Employee ICE Notice in English - or - Spanish


CA Minimum Wage Posters:

California Minimum Wage Posters in English - or - Spanish

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Wage Orders

IWC Wage Order Pamphlet

ACA Notice for employers that offer a health plan   (PDF

ACA Notice for employers that do not offer a health plan ( PDF)

Department of Labor Wage-and-Hour Division’s FLSA compliance tool.


New California Department of Justice’s Human Trafficking Posters for each CA County

AB 469 Notice of Pay Details

AB 469 Notice of Pay Details revised 11-2014 --- also Frequently Asked Questions - Updated 1/23/12

Wokers Comp Poster: http://www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/forms/DWCForm7_2016.pdf

Claim form: http://www.dir.ca.gov/dwc/forms/ClaimForm2010.pdf

Facts for Injured Workers:

Medical Provider Network (MPN) Notices:

H-2A Program Poster

Model Employer CHIP Notice

California Child Labor Laws

Cell Phone Policy pdf

I-9 Form:
I-9 Form - Spanish I-9 Form - I-9 Form Handbook for Ers 1-22-17
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) - Forms
Instructions for Completing the Form I-9

Bonus Sites:
Wage Orders - IWC All current CA Wage Orders
Order Wage Orders & other posters
DOL Labor Rates Visalia-Porterville
DOL Labor Rates for all California
Central Valley Wage Rates
Federal Wage Determinations


Image Pacific Employers Forms

Alternative Dispute Resolution Agreement (Arbitration) Form

Alternative Workweek Ballot & Agreement Form

At-Will Employment  Notice & Agreement Form

Attendance Forms 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 pdf

Cal/OSHA Recordable & First-Aid Definitions pdf

Cell Phone Policy

Certified Payroll Form for Prevailing Wage Jobs pdf

Certified Payroll Exel Spreadsheet Exel

Change in Relationship Form pdf

Disability Insurance - Forms and Publications

DOT Request for Information from Previous Employer pdf

Drug Free Workplace Policy & Forms

Employee ICE Notice in English - or - Spanish

Employee Performance Review Form pdf

Employment Laws Based on Employer Size pdf

Exit Interview Form pdf

FMLA Employee Leave Form pdf - - Family Member Leave Form pdf

First Aid - Cal/OSHA Definitions pdf

First Report of Injury Form - Generic pdf

Forklift Training - Cal/OSHA pdf

Forklift Training - Federal OSHA pdf

Handbook Survey - Four Page Form pdf


Hiring Forms

Independent Contractor - 20+ Questions

Independent Contractor - EDD Questionaire

Knox Bill AB 60 the 8-hour Overtime Law

Laws Based on Employer Size pdf

Legal Compliance Based on Employer Size pdf

Make-Up Time Policy - Rules - Form or Request Form pdf

Monthly Feedback Form pdf

Minor Employee Laws pdf

Notice of Pay Details Form AB 469 pdf

Paid Family Leave Poster - English or Spanish

Paid Family Leave Form -to order an Employee Form or view a Sample Form Image

Pacific Employers' Membership Agreement Form Word Document or PDF

Personnel Action Form PDF

Pre-Employment Inquiry Guidelines - Text or PDF

Prevailing Wage Forms

Certified Payroll" Form pdf

DAS 140 Form new pdf 3 boxes

old DAS 140 Form pdf 4 boxes

Request For Dispatch of Apprentice DAS 142 Form pdf

Training Fund Contributions - CAC 2 Form pdf

Prop. 65 Warnings - -pdf Image

Record Retention Time Periods pdf

Return to Work Program with RU 94 Form pdf

Safety Program - SB 198 -Two Page Form pdf

Sex Harassment Investigation Guideline Form

Sex Harassment Investigation Procedure & Form

Training Logs - Sign In Sheets

Workers' Comp. Poster English and Spanish
Workers' Comp. Employee Notice & Designation - Text or PDF
Workers' Comp. - DWC 1 Claims Form
Workers' Comp. Facts for Injured Workers
Workers' Comp. Medical Provider Network (MPN) Notices

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California Agricultural Posters
All Federal Posters Free!

Commercial Poster Suppliers
Labor Law Posters USA
Poster Compliance Center
Gov Docs.com

#1 Listing of All Posters Required in All States
#2 Listing of All Posters Required in All States
All States Labor Laws

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Central Valley Wage Rates


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The New Wage Orders:
IWC Wage Orders for Various Industries

Cal/OSHA Forms