Chain Saws #1

Today’s topic is the Chain Saw. This portable tool is a powerful gasoline powered saw. A quick move, a shortcut, or carelessness by the operator can cause serious injuries. Examples include: lacerations, foreign bodies in the eyes, burns, trips and falls, amputations, and even death. Your knowledge of the saw will help you use it safely.

Before using any chain saw read the manufacturer’s instructions. The manual will give you tips, do’s and don’ts that the manufacturer feels are important to operating the saw safely. Next, you need to dress properly. Personal protective equipment is essential to protect your hands, eyes, hearing, feet and head. That should tell you that gloves, safety glasses, hearing protection, safety toe boots, and a hard hat should be the minimum. No tennis shoes, shorts or jewelry.

Inspect your chain saw prior to use. Make sure you know all parts of the saw including the muffler, chain brake, choke, ignition switch, guide bar or blade, chain, fuel cap, throttle trigger, and oil filler cap just to name a few. Check each saw because each manufacturer can be different. Be sure to use the right mix of gas for your saw. Never smoke around the fuel storage cans or during refueling. Always let your saw cool down before adding fuel. A hot saw and gasoline don’t go together. Store your fuel in approved containers never in a plastic or glass bottle!

When using your saw to fell a tree, or for pruning or limbing, take care to prevent KICKBACK. Kickback is an unexpected jerk that moves the guide bar upwards and/or backwards if it hits a snag or knot. This can cause really serious injuries -many lacerations have occurred from kickback. Wearing gloves and chain saw leggings provides added protection.

A few additional words of caution. Never work alone always carry a chain saw with the guide bar to the rear, away from the body and check the saw for loose parts after long hours of use. Using this information should make your chain saw operation a safe one. Remember, think ahead, maintain your work area, and don’t misuse your equipment. Safe cutting!

SAFETY REMINDERSStay Alert at All Times Keep Children, Pets and Spectators Away While Using a Chain Saw.

* Saw Safely *