Electrical Safety Training #1

I. Training Materials

  1. Electrical Safety Training Videos
  2. Training Handouts
  3. Frayed electrical cords
  4. Three prong plug
  5. Rubber gloves
  6. Insulated tool

II. Introduce Topic

A. General Topic and Objective

1.Explain electrical hazards

2.Electrical safety procedures

3.Improve recognition of electrical safety hazards

III. General Information

A. Special hazards of electricity

1.Electrical Shock

2.Electrical Burns

3.Electrical Fires

4.Only Qualified Workers may work on electrical equipment

5.Electricity causes 10% of job related deaths

B. How Electricity works




C. Definitions

1.Qualified Employees

i. Special Training

2.Unqualified Employees

i. Awareness Training

ii. Not allowed to work on electrical equipment

IV. Types of Electrical Hazards

  1. Working on energized (hot) circuits
  2. Loose connections
  3. Frayed or missing insulation
  4. Missing ground prongs on plugs
  5. Water and electricity don’t mix
  6. Damaged power tools
  7. Ungrounded equipment
  8. Improper use of extension cords

V. Electrical Protection

  1. Electrical Safety Rules
  2. Lockout – Tagout
  3. Properly grounded electrical circuits
  4. Ground fault protection near water sources
  5. Insulated power tools
  6. Electrically rated Personal Protective Equipment
  7. Proper housekeeping
  8. Don’t overload circuits 

* Take the Shock out of Safety Training *