Eye Protection #1

    If you were to have the opportunity to work in the emergency room of a hospital you would realize how common eye injuries are. Fortunately most are not very serious. The doctor usually treats the eye by removing an object-such as a piece of metal-or washes away an irritating substance and eventually the eye recovers. However, sometimes the eye is permanently damaged. There may be a partial, or even a complete, loss of vision, usually accompanied by disfigurement. We have all occasionally seen a person with a badly damaged eye.

    It’s bad enough when people suffer loss of vision through unavoidable disease, but it’s tragic how many suffer permanent eye damage that could have been prevented by a simple piece of eye protection. It only takes a few seconds to put on a pair of goggles, safety glasses or a face shield. You wouldn’t imagine a football player going out on the field without his football helmet. Yet some workers will carelessly expose their eyes to dusts, steel fragments, sprays and other hazards.

    Don’t take unnecessary chances with your vision. Always have appropriate eye protection available for times when you need it. And what is more important, use it. Also, keep your eye protection clean.

* Don’t Be A Sight for Sore Eyes *