* Safe Footwear *

   How a person dresses depends on the occasion. You wouldn’t go to a picnic wearing a suit and tie, any more than you would get married in Levis and a tee shirt. You put on whatever is appropriate.

    In construction you need to dress for comfort and for safety. Footwear is an important item that is often overlooked. Some unfortunately make it a habit to wear tennis shoes. The best footwear is a sturdy brogan type boot. They are much safer than tennis shoes for several reasons:

  • The tougher sole offers better protection from puncture wounds from stepping on nails and other sharp objects.
  • The more rigid sole enables you to stand more comfortably on ladders for long periods without hurting your instep.
  • Your toes have a better chance of not getting smashed in the event of something heavy falling on them.
  • In case you trip and fail, the brogan, with its higher top and stronger material, will give greater support to your ankle and reduce the chances of getting it twisted.

    Another thing to recommend is a boot with a steel toe. This added protection can save your toes from being smashed in the event a heavy object falls on them keep boot safety in mind. An injured boot, or even a toe, is very painful and can put you out of commission for a long time.

* Don’t Walk Away From Safety *