Hardhats #1

    On most construction sites hardhats are required. This is especially the case if it is a multi-story building, with a greater danger of objects falling from higher elevations.

    Nowadays we take hardhats at construction sites for granted. But there was a time when many workers considered them “sissy.” It didn’t fit the image of the rugged construction worker. A hundred years ago hardhats were practically unknown. But gradually, through safety laws and company safety policies, the hardhat came to be an everyday item. It is now as natural an article of wear on a construction site as a helmet is on a football player.

    Sometimes a person fails to wear a hardhat on a construction site, either through forgetfulness or underestimating the risk of head injury. Please bear in mind that all it takes is a carelessly dropped tool or piece of wood coming down on your head to finish your career, or even your life. There are a number of workers disabled with various types of head injuries and vision problems because one day they weren’t wearing their hardhats.

    Also, when you wear a hardhat, wear it right. Keep it square on your head with the inside band properly adjusted. ♦

* You don’t need a hard head if you wear a hardhat *