Hedge Trimming #01

Safety Using the Hedge Trimmer


• When you buy a trimmer, look for one with cutting teeth that are close enough together so that the fingers can not fit between them.
• Choose a trimmer that has two handles, including a wide handle that will keep hands away from the cutters.
• Choose a trimmer that is lightweight and easy to handle.
• Read your owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with the machine and its use.
• Check the trimmer carefully for loose bolts, damaged or broken parts. Replace parts or make repairs before using the trimmer.
• Sharpen the blades if necessary.
• If the cord is not double isolated be sure to use a grounded extension cord with ground fault. Make sure the box is the grounded AC outlet. For maximum protection use a socket with ground.
• Make sure new workers are trained appropriately in the use of the trimmer and that they are physically and mentally mature enough to operate it. Never allow minors to use the trimmer.
• Clear the work area of children, pets, and other people.
• Inspect the bushes carefully for hidden wires, poles, or other trash.


• Always wear long pants, long-sleeved shirt, gloves, eye protection and ear protection.
• Do not operate the trimmer above the chest.
• If trimming bushes or tall trees, stand on a ladder or stepladder or other firm surface. Avoid using weak plastic or folding chairs that do not give the necessary support.
• Keep hands and body away from the blades.
• Keep the electrical cord away from the trimmer to avoid damaging or cutting.
• Work slowly and deliberately. Plan your cuts before making them. Take a break from time to time to avoid fatigue.
• Stop the engine or electric models unplug before cleaning or adjusting anything.
• Never leave the trimmer unattended to prevent children from playing with it.
• Keep the trimmer carefully out of reach of children.

* Be safe in your work *