Machine Safety Training Outline #1

Machine Safety Training Outline 

I. Preparation 

A. Read Applicable Safety Manual Chapter 

B. Check Safety Office for Videos 

C. Check Safety Office for other resources 

D. Read Instructor training information 

E. Resolve questions you have before training session 

F. Notify Employees 2 days in advance of time /location of training 

II. Introduce Topic and tell Employees Objective of the Training 

A. Industrial equipment presents numerous hazards 

B. Provide awareness on Machine Safety

III. Provide information on hazard prevention 

A. All machines must have guards on moving parts if less than 7 feet from a working surface

B. Workers must never reach into an operating machine 

C. Replace all machine guards after maintenance 

D. All machine guards must be installed when a machine is operating. 

IV. Machine Hazards 

A. Machines can injure or kill if used improperly 

B. Amputation hazards exist in almost any workplace 

C. Lockout-Tagou (LOTO) of Equipment prevents “caught in” accidents

V. Causes of Machine Accidents

A. Reaching in to “clear” equipment 

B. Not using Lockout-Tagout 

C. Unauthorized persons doing maintenance 

D. Missing or loose machine guards 

VI. Protection for You: most hazards can be prevented or controlled by:

A. Machine Guarding 

B. Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment 

C. Hazard Awareness Training 

VII. Summary of Training 

Accidents and injuries from machines happen in almost every workplace. The key to prevention is to know the hazards around you and to follow safe operating procedures. 

Don’t put your hands (or any other part of your body) into a machine. 

Don’t do anything you are not trained and authorized to do 

* Don’t Be Mechanical About Safety *