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Safety  Topics
Tailgate Topics
Accident Investigation #2 
Accident Causes #3 
Ag-Equipment Safety #1 English
& Spanish
Ag-Maintenance Shop Safety #1 English
& Spanish
Back Safety #1 
Back Safety #2 
Back Safety #3 English & Spanish
Barrel & Drum Safety 
Burns - First Aid #1 
Chain Saws #1 
Cranes - Construction #1 
Driving Safety #1 
Driving Safety #2  
Driving Safety #3 English
& Spanish
Dust Masks - Respirators #1 
Ergonomics - Office #1 
Ergonomics - Office #2 
Ergonomics - Office #3 
Ergonomics - Office #4 
Electrical Safety #1 English
& Spanish
Electrical - Grounding - #1 
Emergency! #1 
Employee Training - Construction #1 
Eye Protection #1 
Eye Safety #1 
Excavations - Construction #3 
Fall Protection - Construction #1 
Fall Protection - Construction #2 
Fall Protection - Construction #3 
Fall Protection - Construction #4 
First Aid - Basic - in English
& Spanish 
Footwear - Construction #1 
Forklift Checklists Samples 
General Safety - Accident Re-Runs 
General Safety - Errors 
Hand Tools #3 
Hand Protection 
Hand Tools - Screwdrivers #1 
Hardhats #1 
Hardhats - Construction #2 
Hazard Communications #1 
Heat Stoke #1 
Heat Stress #2 
Hearing Protection 
Hearing #2 
Horseplay #1 
Housekeeping #1 
Jack Safety #1   
Ladder Safety #1 
Ladder Safety #2 
Ladder Safety #3 
Ladder Safety #4 
Ladder Safety #5 
Lockout-Tagout #2 
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) 
Motor Vehicles #3 
Office Safety #2 
OSHA Citations - Construction #1 
Powder Actuated Tools Construction #3 
Power Line Safety #1 
Protective Clothing in English
& Spanish
Respirator Safety #1 English
& Spanish
Safe Work Habits #1
Sanders - Belt #1
Sanders - Belt Portable #2
Sanders - Disk #3
Saws #3 
Shop Hazards 
Skin Protection #1 
Slips, Trips & Falls #1 
Slip, Trips & Falls #2 English
& Spanish
Tractor Safety #1 
Tractor Safety #2 
Tool Safety #1 
Tool Safety #2 
Tool Safety #3 
Tool Safety #4 
Welding #1  Vehicle Refueling #1 
Welding (Arc) #3 

Training Outlines
Accident Investigation #1 
Electrical Training #1 
Electrical Training #2 
Electrical Quiz #1 
Forklift Training #1 
Lockout-Tagout Training #1 
Machine Training #1 

Other Topics, Check Lists & Forms: 

Printable PDF Tailgate Topics

Back Exercises 
Chemical Warning Labels
Choking (Adult)
Choosing & Using Eye Protection
Choosing & Using Hearing Protection
Choosing & Using Work Gloves 
Emergencies Involving Corrosion
Eye Safety
Fall Protection for Office Workers
Fall Protection for Plant Workers
Fire Prevention
Hand Safety
Heat Stress
Ladder Safety
Lifting Awkward Loads
Lifting Basics
Power Tools - Basic Rules
Preventing Heat Stress
Protecting against Chemical Hazards
Respiratory Protection
Skin Protection at the Work Site
Solvent Safety
Understanding Dermatitis
What's Your Safety Score?
Loading Dock Safety
Working with Corrosives
Your Safety Attitude

Printable PDF Checklists
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Above Ground Storage Tanks Check List
Battery Charging Areas
Check List 
Chemical Storage
Check List
Compressed Gas Storage
Check List
Confined Spaces
Check List
Electrical Systems
Check List
Electrical Utilities
Check List
Fire Protection
Check List
Check List
Forklift Train 
Check List (new OSHA rules)
General Areas
Check List
General Safety
Check List
Check List
Hazard Assessments
Check List
Hazardous Waste Strage
Check List
Indoor Air Quality
Check List
Laboratory Work Areas
Check List
Large Cafeteria
Check List
Locker Rooms
Check List
Machine Guarding
Check List
Maintenance Areas
Check List
Material Handling
Check List
Office Areas
Check List
Outdoor Storage Areas
Check List
Renovation Areas
Check List
Check List
Spray Paint Operations
Check List
Vehicle Maintenance Areas
Check List
Check List
Welding Operations
Check List


  Top Stories:


The United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has vacated the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) hours-of-service regulations that went into effect January 4, 2004.

The decision sends the hours-of-service regulations back to FMCSA for review.

Under the court's rules of procedure, FMCSA has 45 days to review the decision and decide whether to seek other legal remedies. During that period of time, the current hours-of-service regulations remain in effect.

FMCSA will advise federal authorities and state law enforcement partners of their responsibility to continue enforcement of the current regulations.

The order is the result of a lawsuit filed by Public Citizen, Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways, and Parents Against Tired Truckers.

We will post any additional information as it becomes available.

There is no moral precept that does not have something inconvenient about it.
Denis Diderot


State lawmakers defunded the state’s Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) as part of cost-cutting efforts.The IWC was responsible for determining wages, hours and working conditions of employees in the various occupations, trades and industries through the publication of the 17 IWC wage orders, which contain the instructions for paying non-exempt employees their wages.California employers are still required to post and comply with the wage order(s) appropriate for the business, which is determined based on business purpose. Wage order enforcement remains, as it was in the past, the responsibility of the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE).The California Legislature will assume responsibility for IWC’s role, including considering minimum wage increases and meal and lodging credits.

Copies of the current IWC wage orders are available at

Any sufficiently advanced bureaucracy is indistinguishable from molasses.


Employees in California can now take up to six weeks off to care for a new baby or sick relative and still get 55 percent of their pay under the Paid Family Leave Insurance program (search).

"It is just more humane," said Democratic State Sen. Sheila Kuel (search). "It makes it easier for people to take care of family in a crisis and the employer does not have to pay while you're away."

The state picks up the program's estimated $400 million annual tab. It's the only program of its kind in the country and business groups say that's because most states realize paid family leave will leave small business in a lurch. "It's an incentive for people to take time off ... unscheduled, extended time off," said Allan Zaremberg, president of the California Chamber of Commerce (search). "And small business just doesn't have the flexibility to manage people who take long periods of time off from work." The state is already among the most expensive in the country to do business, said Zaremberg. "This is going to bankrupt the employees' State Disability Insurance fund. It's going to cause tax increases on individual workers in California and we need to take action. We need to make California a better place to do business." Kuel said the program has been set up to "try and balance the needs of the workplace and the family place."

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