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Training Outlines

Machine Safety Training Outline #1

Machine Safety Training Outline  I. Preparation  A. Read Applicable Safety Manual Chapter  B. Check Safety Office for Videos  C. Check Safety Office for other resources 

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Lockout-Tagout Training Outline #1

Lockout – Tagout (LOTO) Training Outline I. Objectives To understand the need for lockout/tagout procedures and to demonstrate and teach the procedures to prevent accidents

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Forklift Training Outline #1

Forklift & Pallet Jack Safety Training Outline I. Preparation Read Safety Manual Chapter Check for Videos Check for other resources including forklift poster Read Manufacturer’s

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Electrical Safety Training #2

Outline – Electrical Safety Training Outline 1. Define an energized exposed electrical part.Content: a. Define exposed part. b. Define live or energized part. c. Define

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Electrical Safety Training #1

I. Training Materials Electrical Safety Training Videos Training Handouts Frayed electrical cords Three prong plug Rubber gloves Insulated tool II. Introduce Topic A. General Topic

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Accident Investigation

Purpose Accident prevention and control of hazards is the result of a well designed and executed safety and health program. One of the keys to

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